Water & Sanitation

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We employ a team at the King's Village Project dedicated to providing clean water and sanitation to local communities as well as undertaking health promotion work.

In partnership with a number of other organisations, including the British Army, World Vision, MyUbique and St Dunstan's, we have been able to deliver hygiene education, sanitary facilities and in most cases permanent clean water sources to over 25 communities - helping in excess of 15,000 people

Before we began the work, just 16% of the local population had access to clean water.  It's particularly difficult to find water in the area, with an average of just 1 in 3 boreholes being successful

The lack of clean water and sanitation has a profound impact on water-page1health and development in the area.  The rate of guinea worm infestation, a result of dirty water, is one of the worst in Africa.  Many local people are blind due to trachoma, a result of not having clean water to wash in. A key part of the work is the construction of latrines and soakaways (removing standing water through drainage) that help the community improve their sanitation. We also hold a number of public health sessions to teach the local tribal leaders the importance of these issues

The King's Village Project is committed to providing clean water and sanitation to every community in the district - whether through bore holes, domestic filtration facilities or by extending pipeline systems. We recently opened a new pipeline in one local community; which now for the first time has access to piped clean water.