Within the Tolon-Kumbungu district, just 1 in 20 adults can read or write and less than 6 in 10 children attend school.  The lack of education is a major barrier to overcoming poverty and results in generational deprivation.

The King's Village is tackling the situation through the provision of a school, which currently teaches more than 325 children who will be educated up to the age of 16.

Each year a new intake of 30 children is admitted to the school. All come from highly deprived families who are asked to pay a small fee to demonstrate their commitment to their child's education.  The school is always over subscribed.

education-pageThe children are taught by highly motivated Ghanaian teachers.  Each of the pupils is sponsored by families and individuals in the UK or Ghana who receive regular updates about their progress.  Among other things they are taught English, the official language of Ghana, maths, science and computer skills.

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