In Northern Ghana, 37% of children are stunted due to childhood malnourishment. The Nutrition Centre was developed to assist the families facing this.

Since its opening in June 2008, the Nutrition Centre has treated over 582 children for severe malnutrition and saved them from possible death. They and their mothers are admitted for up to six weeks for intensive free care and feeding program. Their mothers are also trained in nutritional care of children and on micro businesses whilst the children are receiving care at the centre. In addition, the centre has provided care for over 1980 children through a weekly child health clinic as well as following them up after their discharge back their communities. 

A recent follow up of mothers who have been admitted to the centre revealed that 9 out of 10 children who were admitted with their mothers were doing well and their mothers were producing the high nutritious porridge powder "weanimix" (made from maize, soya beans and groundnuts) which they learnt how to prepare in the centre and selling to other mothers in their communities. The one who was not doing well was re-admitted for treatment and more training for the mother. 

Support a six weeks care of a Child

Donate to support the full treatment for six weeks of a severly malnourished child. This will help pay the medical costs and the feeding of the child. 

Support a Carer

Support a grandmother for a month to help feed and take care of children at the Nutrition Centre.

Buy Food for Children

Buy a bag of maize or Soya to help feed the Children and their mothers.

Build a Hut

Donate to build a hut for mother and child and to help set up a Nutrition Centre in a village.