For a district of 160,000 people, the King's Medical Centre is the only health facility that offers a variety of intensive medical services.

Following an in depth needs assessment and wide community consultation, the King's Village opened a medical centre in April 2006. Beginning with 1 doctor and two nurses, we now currently have 3 doctors, 1 pharmacist, 20 nurses,  and over 30 other supporting staff work at the King's Medical Centre. Between them they see over 100 people on an outpatient basis.

The medical centre is set up with seperate wards for men, women and children. There is an emergency block with 60 bed capacity and operating theatre which allows the doctors to see over 60 inpatients daily and provide 24/7 emergency services.  

In 2015, we ended our year with zero maternity mortailty which was is a huge success in Ghana. This positive outcome encouraged us to dream big for the maternity needs in this distric and a blueprint was designed for a new maternity block. In 2016 the building process began and is continuing today. We are currently looking for financial supporters interested in helping us complete this project.

In 2016 we also launched a mental health assesment and awareness program at the King's Medical Centre. It started with community awareness visits sharing the signs of mental illness and the importance of seeking help. After months of these visits, and identifying many cases, the program started a clinic day where patients and families of patients doing their assments and treatments with doctors and nurses. It's our goal to be a helping hand in this area of medicine as well as an encouragement to break the general stigma put on people with mental illness.  

Outside of the internal medical needs that are contiually met, the clinic also supports and trains Community Health Workers and Traditional Birth Attendants in the field. 


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Pharmaceutical Services

Delivering services in a remote village under a tree or in the Hospital, our Pharmaceutical Unit is the only one in the district with qualified Pharmacist and technicians.

Laboratory Services!

Our laboratory is the only one in the district of over 168,000 people and one of the best in country serving people from remote communities.

Maternal Services

In 2015, there were 748 babies delivered safely in the hospital maternity unit including 22 sets of twins with zero maternal mortoality. ..

Taking Health to the people

Regular outreach are undertaken in remote communities and teams from overseas come regularly to support us to give free medical care.

Emergency Services

The Medical Centre provides 27/7 emerbency services and often the are the last line between life and death for many patients

Surgical Services

The King's Medical Centre theatre is the only one for miles around offering 20/7 Emergency and elective surgeries. 

The King's Village serves many communities in Northern Ghana, where poverty is high and the average person earns less than $1 dollar a day mainly through subsistence farming. Working with the support of individuals and organisations around the world, we adopt an integrated approach to development of deprived communities helping to address their interconnected and compounded needs of quality healthcare, education, water and sanitation, economic, spiritual and social interventions services for poverty alleviation.

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