The average person's income in the area is less that $1 a day and is based on subsistence farming but rain fall is not reliable and the land is poor. The King's Village is keen to help to develop new farming techniques and to train farmers to help improve yield.

The land is poor and many years of poor farming practices have left the land depleted and yields are very low. This has led to high poverty and malnutrition in the district as families put so much into the land and harvest very little year after year. We believe farming should be reawrding if it is done the way God intended it by putting back into the land as much as is taken out and that soil must be conserved for a better crop yield.  

A team of volunteers are helping the King's Village to to make this possible by introducing a new farming method called Farming God's Way which seeks to conserve the soil and improve yield. This will make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of families, reduce poverty, and stop child and maternal malnutrition which is a major cause of death among children under five years in the area.

This method is known to improve the average yield in Africa from 275kg/hectare to up to 9tonnes/hectare. The King's Village is hoping to open a training centre and to work with our volunteers to train farmers in the area about this technique and to help alleviate poverty in the district.


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