The King's International Missions Church, Assemblies of God Church plays a major role in overall outreach to the surrounding communities as an independent ministry. The goal of the Church is to present the gospel to communities around the King's Village.

Church members and staff are highly motivated by their faith in Jesus to serve and to give their maximum best to help the disadvantaged. Often their motivation has been the difference between life and death for many who travel to the King's Village day and night seeking for help. People travel from miles around to the King's Village in the moment of their greatest need because they know they will be loved and cared for at the King's Village irrespective of who they are. 

We also believe each individual should be given the chance to hear the gospel in a way which they will understand and have the freedom and liberty to make a decision about Christ!

The church which developed out of Ben and Marion's home continues to grow and work hand in hand with the King's Village as an independent institution ministering to the spiritual needs of the people. The church believe that there are spiritual dynamics to issues of poverty and social problems and seeks to address them. It is reaching out to other villages with work established in different communities.

Sometimes where there is no worship place people have worshiped under trees and in homes and in some places chapels have been constructed using mud and roofed with thatch to meet the need for places of worship.  

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The Church Central

The Church is at the Heart of the King's Village has members from the surrounding communities. 

Worship Time on Sunday

The church is vibrant with many young people!

Worshipping with Volunteers

Many volunteers who come to visit join in the worship and experince worship Ghanaian way!

Reaching out to Communities

The Church reach out to communities preaching and planting churches!

The presence of God

Whether sitting under trees or huts churches meet and the presence of God is there to heal

Many touched by the Gospel

And those who recieve the Lord are Baptised and discipled!

Help us to Show the Jesus Film

Contribute to towards equiping a church planter with the Jesus film equpment. A backpack equpment set including projector, screen, PA etc cost $4000. Donate today!

Provide Light for Evening Bible Studies!

Churches need small solar powered light to be able to undertake Bible Studies in the evening. A small solar power system will cost about £120. Donate today!

Resource an Evangelist

Contribute to providing a Motorbike, fuel and other resources to an Evnagelist to travel, preach and disciple new believers. Donate today!

Your Support!

Help provide places of worship!

Support to costruct places of worship for planted churches! Donate Today!