Volunteering for the King's Village is fun as well as opportunity packed. Volunteers have come from different part of Ghana as well as different nations in teams or individually or simply with their friends.

Volunteers have many opportunities to serve doing charitable work as well as developing your skills and gaining more experience. Opportunities are available for internsnip in Medical, Nursing, Midwifery, Teaching, preaching training and development in communities.  


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Water and Sanitation Opportunities

Volunteers have come to help us reach out to communities to help educate, train community members to improve village hygiene and sanitation.

Provide Water Filters

Some volunteers have raised funding to give clean water to communities providing them with water filters

Helping with Professional Skills!

We have received Doctors, Nurses, and other medical staff who have used their medical skills to provide excellent health in some difficult situations.

Just Providing a Helping Hand!

Young Volunteers have come willing to just providing a helping hand in addition to many things including funds to help develop and build infrastructure!

Acquiring New Skills!

Others volunteers have come to help but also acquire new useful skills whiles volunteering, helping and doing internship!

Volunteering while doing your Internship and having fun!

Opportunities are made available for students to volunteer while doing their internship abroad and having a lot of fun!

Bring Medical or Educational Supplies

Volunteers have brought have often bring in things which are useful to the work when coming which includes donation, medical and educational supplies. 

Skill Volunteer

The King's Village needs volunteers across many of our projects and programs. You may need a break away from present work and occupation. Opportunities awaits for you in the King's Village. Downlaod Our Volunteer Pack

Sponsor a Project and Commission it!

Individuals and families have raised funds to sponsor projects in honor of relatives or a special occassions for them. Some have come to voluteer to help complete and commission them on behalf of their friends and families.

Helping other is very Rewarding!

The people you volunteer to help are awlays ever so grateful and they show it even if you have never held a Guinea fowl or goat before or never eats them!