September always brings with it a new school year for the King’s School, and we have indeed had a successful beginning. The pupils are excited to be back and we are excited to have their cheerful faces in the school grounds.

If you are new to our mailing list, we’d like to take this opportunity to share more about the King’s School with you. The King’s School was the first programs that started The King’s Village in 2003. In a district where only 1 out of every 20 adults can read or write, and only 6 out of 10 children attend school, we saw a very important need for a school to be started. Each school year, following the first, the King’s School added a new class and now the school is filled with 376 pupils of all levels from KG1 through Junior High Form 3. The King's School has seen four groups of students leave the school and continue their education at the senior high level, including our most recent group of 22 pupils who have  successfully been placed into schools. We take our pupil’s education seriously and are thankful for our dedicated and trained teachers who work daily to ensure our students receive the best education.

The pupils at the King’s School are able to attend because of wonderful sponsors both in the UK and Ghana. We currently have a list of pupils both at the King's School and Tahillah school who are needing sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our children please click the link below and we would love to match you with a student.

The King's International Missions Church

On September 20th our missions team gathered together to head out on a full day missions outreach to the community of Toligu. The team faced a few challenges along the way in terms of traveling but it was all worth it. The White Volta river, muddy roads and lack of transport beyond the river made it impossible to go by car, so the team took their shoes off and walked a 8 kilometers to the village.

The team arrived in the village around 2 pm and spent the entire day visiting with the people in the community and sharing the love of Christ with them. In the evening, the Dagbani translation of the JESUS Film was played with many people gathered around to watch. The feedback from the community was positive and the staff felt like it was a very successful day sharing the good news even though they didn't get home until 2.00am!

 The King's Village Is Growing

We are blessed with individuals who have a passion for the mission here and help us raise funds for various projects and because of their efforts, we have been encouraged to see the continued growth of the King’s Village. Currently we have three major building projects taking place at the King’s Village.

The Nutrition Centre

Next year we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the The King’s Village Nutrition Centre and we are excited to extend the projects building so they can continue to serve malnourished children and their mothers.

Our close friends Ann and Terry Carpenter, from the UK, have been given special funds to honour their work from Cherish ladies conference to carry out this project. The plans have been made and the blocks are being laid. The new building will be a high dependency unit focused on severe cases that need 24/7 watch. This is will be a benefit to both our patients and the staff in so many ways and we are very grateful.

The Mental Health Unit

Over the last year and a half we have developed our interest and efforts toward mental health drastically. It began with basic mental health awareness in the communities. We would task ourselves with going into communities to share about mental health and signs of someone needing assistance. From there a staff nurse and pastor would undertake evaluations and diagnosis in the communities. Bi-weekly the team would set out to do follow-ups on the patients in these communities and would always return with new cases.

At one point the list of communities that needed attention in this area grew and the team felt it necessary to create a specific day at the King’s Medical Centre that would be focused on a mental health clinic. The number of patients being seen has grown immensely and so has the clinic. The Christian Health Association of Ghana granted the mental health department funds to renovate some buildings that will be used specifically by their staff and for their patients. The team is looking forward to moving into their new offices.

The Maternity Ward

The new maternity unit has been a continuous project that was started when we realized the need for a larger maternity ward. Currently our doctors and midwives deliver 70-80 babies a month in a two room ward. The area is small and the mothers are forced to be close quarters.

Once completed the new maternity ward will offer among other things consulation rooms, an operating theatre and lab. As you are reading this, the building is gaining a roof. We have been encouraged to see the construction continuing and seeing ourselves closer to the goal of providing even better maternal health to our expecting mothers and families.

Water and Sanitation

This year, we moved closer to some of our goals surrounding the concept of sustainability. We acknowledge there are areas that we could save on operational costs and have been encouraged to meet our goals of cutting those costs. Each month one of our monthly operational costs is that of water.

Early this year a partner organization, The First Group, donated to help us drill two bore holes, we have mechanised one that will supply enough water to the King's School and accommodation blocks. We are excited to see this monthly expense decrease for us, as well as have plenty of water available. We are working on connecting the Hospital to this new water source soon.


Dr. Nawrocki from the United States has been a long time friend and supporter of the King's Village. We are blessed and encouraged  by his visits every year. This year, the doctor spent one week with us working in the hospital and doing medical and mission outreaches.

He is a skilled physician with a heart for evangelism. Along with his normal surgeries in the centre, Dr. Nawrocki participated in three days of medical outreach. The doctor and staff visited the communities of Zebilla, Kuldanaayili, and Tibung. At the end of the week a total of 390 patients had been seen.
Visiting the Kuldanaayili community allowed us to take out the hydro-mobile boat for it's first major outreach. The boat took the doctor, a pharmacist, volunteers and plenty of medical supplies up the White Volta for almost 3 hours before arriving at it's destination. It was a successful day and the boat was of major help. If the team had tried to go by road they would have ran into many challenges from flooded areas.  We look forward to taking the boat out on more outreaches in the future. 


Creative arts teacher Kutin Odame has been on staff with the King's School for 5 and a half years. Although Kutin was hired to focus on JHS levels, the teacher prepares lessons for all primary classes as well. Originally from Accra, teacher Kutin has a diploma in art and was selling his amazing artwork when Pastor Ben and  Marion initially met him.

After getting to know the artist and his passion for teaching, Pastor Ben and Marion asked teacher Kutin to relocated and join the King's School staff. His teachings are not limited to drawings and paintings but extend to cooking and sewing lessons as well. The teacher and JHS students also put in a lot of work decorating the school's Christmas production each year. During the last school break, Kutin spent hours painting new murals on the school walls that will help with creative learning. The murals include the alphabet, numbers, shapes and the Ghana map breaking down each region. It's exciting to see the pupils gather around the murals during class breaks. 

The King's Village Project is a Christian led international development work based in Northern Ghana. Please click the button below if you are interested in partnering with us.