We bring you greetings from Northern Ghana and from the staff, management and Board of the King's Village.Our prayer for you is that the new year finds you all well and that 2017 brings you all your hopes and desires. We have had a busy start to the new year and are enjoying it to the fullest.

We are all doing well but it is rather very hot and dry with temperature near 40 Degrees during the day and it is almost unbearable. This kind of weather will continue till May. Please pray for us especially Marion and the Children and our Voluteers from Europe and the US. After a wonderful holiday season, we embraced January and February with all it had in store. Since the start of the yeawe’ve had 5 visitors from the UK and were able to complete a large variety of projects during their stay.

In January, we had long-time friends and supporters, Ann and Terry, visit with another couple of friends, Jackie and Vernon. Jackie and Vernon spent time helping at the King's School, and doing evangelism, during their 2 week stay with us. Ann and Terry stayed a few weeks after to continue helping us with a few projects. Their annual visit is one we all look forward to and we are thankful they got to join us again this year. We also had a visit from Dr. Fiona Bryce. Her focus and training on newborn respiration was a blessing to our staff. Please click the stories below to read more about each of their visits. 

We also received visit from one of the Directors of "The First Group," a company with Head Quarters in Dubai, John Thompson from UK. John told us that he saw a story about the King's Village on Facebook posted by Jacob's Well about a Hydro mobile clinic project in partnership with the King's Village. He immediately sent his Secretary, Khadija Ojirogbe based in Accra to see the King's Village and later followed up to see the King's Village as well. Both John and Khadija are very keen to develop a network around the world and within their group to support the King's Village. Please pray that our partnership with them will grow stronger and stronger moving forward into the future. 
We have been encouraged, motivated, and challenged by our visitors, and the people we serve, to continue the work we have started. We know there is much to be done, and we are excited to see all our 2017 goals come to completion. There aren't enough words to share our appreciation for the continued support we receive both near and far!

Dr. Fiona's Visit 

In January, we got the opportunity to host Dr. Fiona Bryce for a few days. During her visit, Dr. Fiona spent time encouraging and training the midwives, maternity nurses and doctors. Dr. Fiona works with Kybele, an American NGO, that helps train any medical personnel that interacts with a newborn. They have developed a program called Making Every Baby Count that focuses on newborn respiration and survival.       


Ann and Terry's Visit 

Ann and Terry Carpenter are long-time friends and supporters of the King's Village. Their dedication and passion for the organization is a true blessing. Each year, the Carpenters make a trip to Ghana to visit with us. This year Jackie and Vernon Green joined them and helped at the King's School. It was a blessing to have both couples visiting us. We are grateful for their partnership and all they did during their stay. READ MORE

Maternity Ward: UPDATE

This past September the construction on the maternity ward expansion had fully begun. We've watched as wall after wall has been built and are excited to share updated photos of the construction site. We are grateful for the continued support and encouragement. Read our update and how you can take part in helping us reach our goal. 




This newsletter we would like to introduce you to Dr. James Duah, Medical Superintendent and Chief Operations Officer of the King’s Medical Centre. Dr. Duah has been staff with King’s Village for 8 years. He has recently been promoted as Deputy CEO of CHAG (Christian Health Association of Ghana), an organisation which brings together all Hospitals and Clinics run by church denominations in Ghana and that together takes care of about 40% of Healthcare in Ghana. The King’s Medical Centre has been an accredited member since 2008.

Originally from Berekum, in the the Brong Ahafo region, the doctor has been exposed to various other regions and countries, especially when it comes to his studies. Dr. Duah received his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) from the University of Ghana Legon. He furthered his education by obtaining a Master of Public Health (MPH) from Tulane University, in the United States, followed by an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Ghana Institute of Public Administration.

Dr. Duah's passion and purpose when it comes to his career is expanding interventions that benefit the most vulnerable in society, especially in maternal, child, and mental health. During his free time, Dr. Duah enjoys reading biographies about change-makers and being inspired by their stories. He spends a lot of time reflecting on the changing of status quos and how it needs to further be changed. He is encouraged and motivated by these lives as he lives out his.

Dr. Duah is married to his wonderful wife, Herty, and they have three lovely sons, Jonathan, Jaden, and Jadediah. 


  • We are anticipating more visitors, from around the world, throughout this next month. Please pray for their safety while traveling and that they have a fruitful experience with us. 
  • Next week, March 6, we will celebrate 60 years of Independence as a country. The King's School pupils will be marching in the Kumbungu parade. We are excited to see them representing our school on this holiday. 
  • This week we are hosting a three-day church revival at the King's Village. We have faith that the Lord will do exceedingly more than we could ask during this time. We look forward to seeing Him move in power. 
  • We have received encouraging words from Jacob's Well that the hydro-mobile clinic will soon be on it's way. The boat will be used as an emergency transportation to get individuals in remote areas to the clinic quickly and safely. We are anxiously anticipating it's arrival and will share with you as soon as it does. Thank you to Jacob's Well and the members who have worked so diligently to make this dream become a reality. 

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