We bring you special greetings from the King's Village and wish you a Happy and prosperous New Year in 2016. Marion and I and the children and all the staff and associates of the King’s Village are doing well to the glory of God. We pray that the following stories from the King's Village of hope restored to the poor and needy will bring to you and your family much encouragement this Christmas season.

Restoring Hope to the Poor: Fuseina Abukari

I remember the day, Fuseina and her husband walked into my office. I still don’t know why they  chose to come to see me (Ben), if not because of God who wanted to have her hope restored. I could not believe my eyes and indeed I struggled to look at Fuseina’s face directly. Sitting before me was a Muslim mother of three who has known so much suffering for over 4 years and was at a point of loosing hope. She had been to see many doctors who could not help her. She comes from Kushibo village, a local community where many of the Children in the King School live. Kushibo is a small deprived community close to the King's Village and I wonder what people like her would have turned to had it not been God who out of His love, helped to start the King’s Village here. There she sat in front of me, very beautiful and intelligent (I was surprised she speaks good English) with a deformity I have never seen before.

This is what Dr. James Duah, Medical Superintendent of the King’s Medical Centre and Chief Operations Director of the King’s Village who led the support and treatment of Fuseina had to say in his report: “Here in the Kumbungu district there are many strange disease conditions that many people have and look helpless. Some have carried diseases for years and have moved from being able to support themselves to total disability although some of them can be helped.” I am glad Fuseina could be helped.

Fuseina Abukari, a 35-year-old lady has had a Tumour of the right jaw for four (4) years. She could not be treated by the King’s Medical Centre on account of the fact that we do not have the expertise and facilities to support her treatment. An outreach team from Rock Medical Outreach Texas, USA who visited KMC could also not help her. She was referred to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Kumasi by Dr. James Duah and supported with transport and lodging to see the Maxillofacial/Dental unit for treatment. When the unit accepted to treat her, the major challenge was funding. Given her poor family background, there was no way she could afford the treatment. Though Fuseina’s condition could not be handled by the King’s Medical Centre, the Centre through Dr. James Duah led in the mobilization of resources and the collaboration with the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) to help Fuseina in her surgery and treatment and it was successful to the glory of God.

Following the surgery, the doctors at KATH have seen Fuseina on two different occasions. She has done X-ray and histopathology, which allowed the doctors to declare her completely healed from her disease. Her next review date is in January 2016. Fuseina has returned home since the November 5, 2015 and is doing well. Her looks have changed and her face is beaming with smiles all the time in church (See her above). I am amazed by her renewed confidence as a woman and a mother. We want to give thanks to Radach Memorial Centre and 58i at the Heart Church, Nottingham for funding and the immense support. Dr. James said about the support "I simply thank God that Fuseina could be helped and that help arrived just in time from our kind partners."

Fuseina has been further supported by the Radach Memorial Training Centre with vocational Training in how to make soap and detergents and other skills to help her break out of poverty and to take care of her children.

“Now unto Him who is able to do above all that we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, unto Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus unto all generations forever and ever. Amen” (Ephesians 3:20). Fuseina doubted she could find a solution to her medical condition. Her hopes were dashed by many hospitals in the North and doctors who saw her before.

Like Fuseina who has had  her hope restored, so do we pray for Afilua above and for all who have lost hope that this message of assurance of restored hope will bring you great comfort and assurance as this Christmas season: “Fear not, …for thy prayer is heard…And thou shalt have joy and gladness (Luke 1:13-14). May God richly bless you for your partnership and support for His work.

Restoring Hope to the Poor: Afilua Alhassan

The story of Hope restored would not be complete without mentioning to you Fuseina Abukari. In church on Christmas Sunday, the message of Hope Restored was centred on Zacharia and Elizabeth about whom the Bible testified “And they were both righteous before God, walking in the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless (Luke 1:6KJV).” They served God faithfully for many years and though they had a great desire to have children yet the Bibles says “they had no child, because  Elizabeth was barren, and they were now well stricken in years (Luke 1:7 KJV), meaning it was beyond any hope it might be possible for them to bear children. Yet when all hope was lost, God showed up and they had their hope restored. 


What season speaks of Hope restored than Christmas season which comes to remind us of how God gave His only son to restore the hope of our hurting world. This is a season of Hope restored! It was difficult message to preach in a church at Bontanga where we have many poor people. Take the situation of Madam Afilua Alhassan who has had leprosy and has lost all her fingers and toes and almost half of  both feet. Before preaching on Sunday, we presented a piece of cloth to Afilua, which was donated by a newly wedded couple in the Church Daniel and Ramatu Wumbee. It was a wedding present during their recent wedding and they kindly donated it to Madam Afilua. We have a tradition in our church here where we greet and shake the hands of as many people as we can and welcome one another to church and Afilua never moves from her seat to greet anyone, but Marion and I always make sure, she is one of the first people we greet during the service. We feel so honored that we should have her in our church here and our prayer for Afilua and many more like her in the over 230 communities we serve is that she will have her hope restored by God.

 Ben and Marion