In 2016, Tim Robinson completed secondary school and decided to take some time, before starting university, to experience other parts of the world.

The 18 year-old adventurer is originally from Leeds, UK and has been thoroughly enjoying his gap year before he starts university this fall. The first six months of his gap year, Tim dedicated his time to working full-time in an office to save money to travel abroad the next six months. His first trip was to Austria where he spent some time skiing and visiting. After his ski trip, the next stop was to Ghana, West Africa. This was his first trip to Africa and Tim courageously embraced the experience fully in order to get a true understanding of the culture. 

Tim first heard about the King's Village through a friend who previously had spent some time volunteering with us. After hearing about her experience, Tim decided to add us as part of his locations to travel. Tim spent a month with the King's Village and primary assisted at the King's School teaching math."I enjoy maths as well actually. I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my enthusiasm, with some of the students," the volunteer explained.

Splitting his day between upper primary classes and the junior high classes, Tim taught a variety of lessons, but covering material on solid shapes and vectors were some of his favorites."Thee whole buzz of excitement. You don't get that in England. There is so much excitement and energy," Tim said referring to his students' outlook on education. 

Overcoming a few obstacles like the heat and occasional electricity shortages, Tim shared his experience in a very positive light. "Ghana is a laid back and comfortable place. People are so friendly to foreigners, they are so welcoming and generous," Tim said as he shared stories about making friends with teachers and lab assistants.

Tim plans to attend Oxford University and will study Biochemistry. Laboratory work is what most interests him. The young traveler will make one more six-week stop in Nicaragua this year before starting university. We are thankful for Tim and the time he spent with the students sharing his knowledge in mathematics and encouraging all those he worked along side with.

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