This year we have welcomed many volunteers and visitors. We are always so blessed by individuals who give their time and talents to help fulfill the mission we have here.

This year we have welcomed many volunteers and visitors. We are always so blessed by individuals who give their time and talents to help fulfill the mission we have here. We are grateful to our volunteers who continue to return to the King’s Village after their first trip. This is the case for US pediatric nurse, Katybeth Rietz. 

In the early part of 2016, after plans for a different trip fell through, Katybeth found an opportunity at the King’s Village in Northern Ghana. Excited, and not exactly sure what to anticipate, she left the US for three months. The life changing experience left her wanting more. As her three month mission project closed, she found herself already praying and preparing to come back.

The Lord knew Katybeth’s desire to return to the King’s Village and gave her the opportunity again to serve here for three months this year. Katybeth arrived in March and was able to spend another three months serving at the King’s Medical Centre, the nutrition centre, the church and out in the communities. Katybeth is a prime example of how a volunteer can be used in more than one area. She didn’t limit herself and because of that she was able to build relationships, serve the needy and show Christ's love in so many ways.Although she is trained in the medical field, she has a passion and desire to serve in the communities and to spread the Gospel. The majority of her time, Katybeth served at the Nutrition Centre developing relationships with the women and children. She focused on teaching them spiritual and practical health through Community Health Evangelism. When she wasn’t at the nutrition centre you could find Katybeth in the Children’s ward at the Medical Centre.

Katybeth would fill her evenings with outreach opportunities whether it be in different communities or at the King’s International Missions Church. With a beautiful singing voice, the nurse would spend a few nights a week rehearsing and preparing to sing alongside the church choir. During Sunday services not only would Katybeth participate in the choir but she also would help lead the youth program and Sunday school. Katybeth was able to participate in a community health outreach with one of our staff members Sualey. They went into a community where the only electricity source was supplied by the church with Solar Powered battery. The church is small but mighty. Katybeth was able to use the Community Health Evangelism concept within this community by sharing about the importance of cleaning your hands and how that can symbolize how Christ purifies man from sin. The response was powerful allowing conversation of both personally hygiene and spiritual concepts.

It’s safe to say that the King’s Village has become Katybeth’s second home. She has built lasting friendships and enjoys adventuring around the villages and in Tamale as well. It was also through the King’s Village that Katybeth met her fiancé, Joe Turkson. The two met during her first trip in 2016 and developed a great friendship/relationship over the year based on prayer and guidance from the Lord.

During her time with us this year the two got engaged and held a traditional Ghanaian engagement here at the King’s Village. They are praying and preparing toward a wedding in the United States.Currently Katybeth is back home in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She has settled back into her routine both at home and at work as a pediatric RN at a children’s hospital. She is always praying and listening for when the Lord will open another door to return and continue participating in His work here at the King’s Village.

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