This month the King’s Church hosted a five day revival with guest preacher and author Samuel Addai.

The revival started with a Wednesday evening worship service and each day following a time of reflection in the Word and prayer. The lectures covered material on individual’s destiny, purpose and their relationships with God and others.

Originally from Ghana, Pastor Addai now resides in the UK. He is a counselor with a passion for Christian marriage counseling. The pastor has given back to his community in a number of ways one being he set up a non-denominational marriage/relationship counseling ministry in the UK while offering a satellite center here in Ghana.

Sunday evening was a special service dedicated to couples. Pastor Addai shared Biblical encouragement on Christian marriage and how to secure a solid foundation in your relationship. The session allowed for open conversation from both the pastor and the audience. Although culturally there are differences when it comes to the views of marriage, the community members were encouraged and interested in implementing some of the advice the pastor shared. 

Each session was filled with gospel-centered discussion and the prayer times were powerful. Pastor Addai found a connection and passion for community members as well as for the nutrition center. He spent ample amount of time praying over guests and over those who are in patients here at the King’s Village. He led the congregation in prayer over individuals and over the needs of the surrounding area.

We are thankful for the way the Lord moved during the revival. Our prayer is that the over 150 guests who attended had an interaction with the Lord and left changed. We pray the things they heard will benefit them in their lives as to encourage their faith in Jesus Christ.

Posted by The King's Village Thu, October 27, 2016 12:32:12