In 2015, the King’s Medical Centre ended the year with a zero maternal mortality after 750 deliveries.

Maternity Ward Expansion

HEALTHPosted by The King's Village Wed, September 28, 2016 16:46:35

This was considered a major success considering the country as a whole has a mortality rate of 319 out of every 100,000 deliveries. Although the maternity ward at the King’s Medical Centre is successful in what they do, the space in which they perform their work is limited. The maternity ward consists of three small rooms. Two consultation rooms and one small delivery room. If surgeries are needed during delivery, the women will be taken to the theatre and those who have delivered have to stay in the same ward with medical cases. It’s amazing to see how well the staff perform their duties in their limited space. 

In 2014, some friends in the USA and UK committed to helping us lead an expansion of the Medical Centre specifically designed to be a maternity ward. This month Dr. Nawrocki and his wife from the USA, who have key interest in supporting us complete the project, were able to visit the King’s Village for a few days and it was a true blessing to have them with us. During Dr. Nawrocki’s visit he spent a day serving along side the midwives performing the clinic checks on expectant mothers. Although the work can seem very repetitive, performing ultrasound after ultrasound, every expectant mother that came into his consultation room was given his undivided attention and was looked at as a unique individual. The doctor would excitingly share the updates about the baby to the mother and would ask if he could pray over her. There is no doubt that Dr. Nawrocki not only has the skills to perform medicine but he ultimately has the heart to share the gospel.

We are thankful for supporters who have a passion for the work being done here and desire growth in the ministry. Building a larger facility designed specifically for the maternity ward will encourage women to come to the clinic for their clinic checkups and delivery which will save many lives for many years to come. The benefits of having a maternity ward expansion are endless and we are thankful for those who see the need and help to meet this need. The blueprints have been drafted and a construction team of about twenty, work tirelessly daily pouring concrete and laying bricks. What started as an open space now has a foundation and walls growing higher by the day. If you would like to donate to the expansion project, you can donate here. We ask that you continue to pray over the expansion and the building process. We ask that you pray with us for the staff and patients that will be directly effected by the expansion of maternity ward and for the lives that will be born there.

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