The school yard that has been quiet for weeks has now begun to echo laughter and squeals. The tyre swing holds one student as two others gather around to see how high they can push it.

The football speeds across the dirt from one foot to another. While waiting for the school day to begin, clusters of friends sit outside the classrooms sharing stories about their time off from school. Teachers settle the desks and chairs and gather their supplies anxiously anticipating their new pupils to fill the room. Every September, as vacation comes to a close, this is the sight at the King’s School and this school year is no different. The 2016-2017 school year has begun and the excitement of our pupils is one that we here at the King’s Village take pride in. The uniformed boys and girls bring new lease of life and a fresh excitement to the compound and encourage the staff to stay motivated on tasks. 

For those who don’t already know, the King’s School holds a special place in the history of the King’s Village. It was the launching pad of so many other projects and ministries that have developed and grown. In 2003, for the first time students sat in the classrooms and were given the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in their families and communities through education. A majority of our students come from backgrounds that make schooling difficult but at the King’s School we don’t limit a child based on their upbringing, but instead dream and achieve with each and every pupil.

The King’s School was excited to welcome back the returning children as well as welcome in the 28 new pupils on campus. It’s a wonderful sight to see all the pupils in their different classrooms allowing their minds to be fed and their spirits to be encouraged. Hearing students repeat math equations, learning about teeth and singing the school song are all examples of what make the King’s School so special and give teachers the motivation to continue sharing their knowledge with students. As the school year began, the school waited patiently for the exam results for the previous form 3 students. We are thrilled to share that the King’s School exceeded previous results and the pupils displayed an amazing effort in their understanding and deliverance of all test material. Our prayers and support is with those pupils as they prepare for the next step of their education journey through secondary school. 

The King’s Village teachers and staff know that it is with the help of our child sponsors that make the school year such a success. We are thankful for the sponsors who partner with us by investing into the education of Ghana’s future and those who continually pray for the teachers and students. It is through partnerships like these that students are shown their importance and are challenged to reach for more than they ever knew the could.