Questions re: Going to the King's Village, Ghana

The King’s Village

  1. Current work
  2. Aims for the future, plus plans
  3. Is the King’s Village in a village or self-contained?
  4. Who are the other staff? Ghanaian?
  5. How are the local communities involved?
  6. How near / far are the places where people using school / medical centre live?


  1. What do you want me to do?
  2. What do you want me to have achieved by the end of the year?
  3. Who will I be working with / for?
  4. If I get stuck, who do I see?
  5. What hours do you want me to work?
  6. Will I have time off? (weekly / holiday / if family / friends visited)
  7. Where will I be working?
  8. What equipment will I need to use? Is it provided?


  1. Where?
  2. On my own / with a family / other?
  3. Type of accommodation (running water, electricity, windows, mosquito nets..)
  4. Do I need to bring bedding, towels etc? Or can I buy it there? Is it provided?
  5. Do I need a mosquito net? Or mosquito coils or plug in device?
  6. How secure is it?


  1. Cook for myself?
  2. What type of food is available and where? Market?
  3. Will I be given money for food?
  4. Any foods to avoid e.g. if uncooked?
  5. Can I drink the water?

Clothing etc.

  1. Can I wear trousers?
  2. What length do skirts / dresses need to be? (knee, ankle, other)
  3. Do I need to cover my shoulders? Sleeves a certain length?
  4. Do you wear Western or African clothing?
  5. Can I buy / get clothes made locally? Cost?
  6. What types of shoes are appropriate?
  7. Will I ever need jumper / fleece / rain coat / coat?


  1. Temperature
  2. When is it dry / humid / wet?

Local Culture and Religion

  1. What language/s? Can I learn some?
  2. What religion/s?
  3. Any do’s and don’ts to be culturally sensitive / appropriate?
  4. I have my nose pierced. Is that ok?

Church and Pastoral Support

  1. Where are the local church/es?
  2. What language is spoken at the Church (especially for teaching)?
  3. How is the King’s Village linked to local churches?
  4. What spiritual support / input will there be locally?


  1. Will I have access to post / telephone / email? Where? How often?
  2. How reliable are these services?
  3. Approximate costs?


  1. How do I get from the airport to The King’s Village?
  2. Once in The King’s Village will I need to travel elsewhere for work / shops / communication / accommodation? How?
  3. Cost of transport (if I need to use any)?


  1. Do you take anti-malarial tablets?
  2. Is meningitis ACWY vaccine necessary?
  3. Any medicines etc that I should bring with me?
  4. What is the availability of medication for pain relief, sore throat etc?


  1. Should I bring traveller’s cheques? Which currency and denomination?
  2. Exchange rate to pound approximately?
  3. How and where can I withdraw money from my bank account?
  4. Do I need to set up a bank account in Ghana?
  5. How will I receive support (food and accommodation) from The Christian Centre?


  1. Are house / room lockable?
  2. Where can I keep passport, money etc safely?
  3. How safe is it for me as a single white woman?
  4. Can I take a digital camera? Possibly laptop?

Insurance etc.

  1. Do you recommend a company for travel and health insurance?
  2. Do I need to be covered for specific activities such as riding a motorbike?

Support from The Christian Centre

  1. You will provide accommodation, food and cost of visa?
  2. Have you confirmed with Key Travel that I am working for you?
  3. Will I receive mentoring and discipleship like other interns? (either in Ghana or long distance)
  4. What spiritual support will you provide?
  5. Will you pray for me in Church before I go? When?
  6. Can I receive sermon tapes / cds? How often?
  7. If I have any problems, who do I contact?
  8. What support will I receive in deciding what I do after this year?
  9. What do you want to receive from me? Newsletters?


Friends and Family Supporting Me

  1. Do you have leaflets / info packs / presentation I can share with friends and family who want to know more about what I will be doing / want to support me or the project? Also for school’s and churches.
  2. Can I have visitors? E.g. my mum wants to visit me, and possibly other family or friends.