A Section of Kumbungu CommunityA cross section of a typical village served by the King's Village with huts organised into compounds. Average household size is between 30-60 individuals.PHOTO ALBUM

We passionately believe that for the long term sustainability of the King’s Village project, it’s vital to engage and involve the local community. The King's Village serves over 230 communities in the Tolon-Kumbungu District of Northern Region of Ghana and beyond.

"We work to simultaneously address several root causes of poverty and disadvantage through  a community led integrated approach to development ensuring that our activities positively impact them by assisting them to reap compound benefits of improved health and life chances, enabling them to break out of the poverty cycle."

At the school, parents are charged a small fee each term – ensuring they feel they are part of their child’s education. Many serve on our Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

The Medical Centre was developed after a large-scale needs assessment and community consultation exercise supported by 58i to know and understand what facilities are needed and wanted by the local community. Hundreds of local volunteers were involved in helping to build the medical centre, taking ownership of the project.

The water and sanitation programme is delivered in partnership with committees from each community. These WATSAN committees help to build latrines, maintain the facilities installed and ensure the hygiene practices taught during the project are adopted in the community.